Hi, friend! I’m Meghan.

Are you currently sporting dry shampoo, chipped nail polish, a neverending to-do list, and a sink full of dirty dishes?

If so, then I think we’ll get along just fine.

As a wife, mama, teacher, and writer, I have my hands full. I imagine you do, too. But I don’t want to get so overwhelmed by the mundane details of life that I miss God’s presence or blessings.

What if we could learn to enjoy our days instead of dreading them?

This blog is about finding joy in the bad days. The anxiety. The sickness. The fear. The doubt. The lack.

In marriage. Motherhood. Homemaking. Success. Abundance. Hope.

It’s about cultivating a simple, joyful home when life feels anything but simple or joyful.

I started this blog for myself because if I don’t write, then I don’t life. But this is also a blog for wives, mamas, faith seekers, and creative souls. It’s here for the ones who struggle a little bit. (Don’t we all?)

This is where I share my journey as wife, work-at-home mom, and chronic Lyme disease fighter seeking simplicity, healing, and joy.

It’s where I’ll share my own journey, including what has made life easier and more joyful for our family. I hope to offer some encouragement, humor, and helpful information along the way. I also want to create a community where you’re comfortable pursuing these things and sharing your thoughts, too.

You’ll also read about:

  • marriage and motherhood
  • debt recovery and finances
  • healthy living
  • thriving as a work-at-home mom

But mostly, I am an imperfect lover of my God who loves me perfectly. Often I get confused; I do life wrong; I mess up. But He corrects me. He sustains me. He nudges me back on track when I wander off (which I’m very prone to do).

Aside from writing, I also happen to love coffee, cookies, cats (including our own fur child) and contemporary women’s fiction. (I love it so much I write it myself!) I live for good poems, lazy mornings, and dates with my guitar-playing, pancake-flipping, unicycle-riding, graphic designing, t-shirt making, musician husband. He’s my partner-in-crime, and we’re learning together.

Welcome, fellow wife // mama // creative // joy seeker. I’m just here to share a few little words. I hope they’ll mean something big.




P.S. You can also find me over at MegBlissBooks.com and TheLadyinRead.com, where I talk about all things writing and books!

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